Expert Design Guidelines for Turning Your Bathroom Into a Spa

The home remodeling companies in our HomeNet Solutions network continue to get questions about innovative ways to remodel their bathroom. One of the most frequently asked questions is, can I turn my bathroom into a spa? Chip Greth, owner of Innovative Kitchens and Baths and a contractor in our HomeNet Solutions contractor referral network since 2004 recommends the following in order to help you create a space of your own where you can sit back, relax and shut out the rest of the world.

  • When creating your perfect spa bathroom, it is time to look beyond the ordinary:
  • A must for most people putting in a spa bathroom is a whirlpool tub, or soaking tub.
  • Walk-in showers are very popular in spa bathrooms. They can have a rainfall showerhead and multiple body jets spaced along each side wall of the shower.
  • Another popular feature in a spa bathroom is a double vanity. After having separate vanities, you’ll never want to share one again!
  • Heated towel bars are also a nice luxury to have in a spa bathroom. Who wants to get out of a nice, warm tub and wrap up in a cold towel?
  • There are many different heating options for your spa bathroom. In-floor heat is an energy-efficient and practical option. Heating your spa bathroom with a fireplace is another option. It is very relaxing to watch the fire while you soak in the tub.
  • You should include lots of natural light and indirect types of light. Think about can lights installed in the ceiling with dimmer switches, or up- lights mounted on top of cabinets.
  • The final step in creating your perfect spa bathroom is to choose colors, cabinets and faucets that fulfill your personal quest for relaxation.

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