Contractor’s Testimonials

“HomeNet Solutions has been a real asset to my company. I have been associated with them for over eight years and they have significantly helped build my business to what it is today. Most of the large jobs that I have gotten over the years have come from HomeNet. When I go out on a lead from them, I know that the customer is serious about having the work completed. I have tried other internet based lead referral companies in the past but have found them to be a waste of time”.
Chip Greth, Innovative Kitchens and Baths

Partnering with HomeNet Solutions over the past eight years has enabled us to expand and sustain our business. HomeNet strives to ensure that there will be a “symbiotic relationship on all fronts” ― between the homeowner, the contractor and HomeNet management. Time after time we have a high success rate of landing the job with HomeNet referrals, regardless of the project magnitude. Bottom-line…the real value of HomeNet’s services is that it saves us a significant amount of time from pursuing clients. HomeNet provides us with potential clients who are the right customer match where rewarding experiences often result in long-term customer-contractor relationships.
Jerry Wielgomas and Dennis Cimino, Precision Builders, Inc.

“Working with HomeNet Solutions has been a pleasure for 9 years. They consistently come up with serious leads and a potential quality client. My business has benefited greatly from a relationship with them and continues to grow, in a large part because of them. If any issues arise, they are sorted out quickly, with minimum fuss. I can’t recommend them highly enough”.
Gordon Magee, Paintmasters

“I have been with HomeNet Solutions since their inception in 1998 which was also when my company was formed. HomeNet Solutions has always filed my pipeline with continuous, long term, repeat customers that appreciate reputable contractors. What I like most about HomeNet Solutions is their ability to match the customer, the work and the “right” contractor to the job. HomeNet Solutions gives the customers reliable, reputable contractors and I receive reliable, reputable long lasting customers. HomeNet Solutions is about more than matching a need with a good contractor. It is about a real relationship for the long term.”
Ed Bennett, Ed Home Care

“HomeNet Solutions has helped me grow my business substantially. Customers appreciate that I and my fellow HomeNet contractors are pre-screened and that their comments on our work quality and attitude are solicited after every job. This leads to a high degree of customer satisfaction and repeat business . Many of my customers feel like friends, paradoxically because they know my professional standards are so high, I’m always punctual, and return all calls within 24 hours.”
Fletcher Lane, Residential Maintenance Services

“I am delighted that Custom Gardens, LLC was approved to become part of HomeNet Solutions’ group of contractors. HomeNet Solutions looks for qualified and reputable businesses for the homeowners it serves. These are my standards and working with HomeNet Solutions results in satisfaction for everyone.”
Ellen Covner, Custom Gardens